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Why Your Teeth Move After Braces


The human body is in constant flux. Your lungs never stop inhaling and exhaling for as long as you live. Your heart is always beating. At this very moment while your digestive system breaks down your last meal, your hair grows just a tiny bit longer and new skin cells are being generated. If you look at the big picture, your eyes, muscles, and even your memory are always changing as the years pass.

Is it any wonder that in this system of ongoing change, your teeth are in flux too? (more…)

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth


If you want to whiten your teeth, professional whitening in a dental office will get you the best results. Professional whitening uses stronger agents than can be sold over the counter and often entails a special light source that speeds up the whitening process.

Of course, professional whitening is a pricier option than at-home teeth whitening kits. But even if price isn’t a factor, you may simply prefer to use a natural solution. Maybe you don’t like the idea of using synthetic chemicals or strong bleaching agents. Maybe you feel the intense whiteness that purchased products sometimes yield doesn’t look…well…natural to you. Maybe it just feels better to you that you can use something you may already have at home in your pantry or refrigerator. (more…)

Should You Choose a Permanent or Removable Retainer?


While you’re reading this, try to push one of your teeth with a finger. It seems to be solidly in place, right? But in reality, your teeth are not fixed into their spots. They can and do move and shift, which is why orthodontics is even possible to begin with. If your teeth couldn’t move, your orthodontist could never have arranged your teeth to make a beautiful smile.

But this aspect of your teeth also has a downside. Namely, it’s that your teeth won’t necessarily stay where they are after orthodontic treatment is over. Over the years, they may begin working their way back to their original positions. In addition, the forces of your jaw and tongue—the opening, closing, biting, chewing, and general activity day after day—will exert minute forces on your teeth. Over time, these forces may impel the teeth to move. (more…)

Eating with New or Tightened Braces


For the duration of the time that you’re in braces, you will have to make some changes to your diet. We generally recommend that you keep away from hard, crunchy foods or any foods that cause you to exert pressure on your jaw (like corn on the cob). You should also avoid sticky foods that will get caught it your hardware beyond the reach of cleaning implements.

Consider this slightly limited diet to be a temporary sacrifice you’ll need to make in order to achieve a straight and healthy smile that you’ll have for the rest your life. (more…)

Tips to Help Your Child Smile Brightly with Braces at School


We’ve found that many young patients choose summer as the time to get braces first put on their teeth. By starting treatment when school is out, kids have a low-pressure time to get accustomed to their new appearance, to allow the initial discomfort to pass, and to get used to eating with braces. Now that the new school year is upon us, parents have one more thing to do in the back-to-school bustle: help their children in braces make a smooth transition. (more…)

Why You Can Get Braces at Any Age


Adults are now a significant segment of many orthodontic practice’s client base, as much as 25% or even more. At our practice, we’ve had patients in their 20’s to their 60’s and even into their 70’s.

For adult patients who are considering orthodontic work, they’ll find that many factors are now in their favor: (more…)

Five Factors to Consider When Choosing an Orthodontist


Orthodontic treatment typically only takes a few years from start to finish, but the results of treatment will last a lifetime. It really does matter who straightens your teeth. Your smile and your oral health are in the balance.

And even during the relatively brief treatment period, you want the experience to be as pleasant and welcoming as possible. When deciding between orthodontic providers in your community, here are five factors to consider: (more…)

5 Tips to Relieve Braces Tightening Soreness


After you have your regular appointment to tighten your braces (or once you get braces first put on your teeth), it’s common for your mouth to feel somewhat sore. While you may find it a little reassuring to know that the tenderness you feel is normal, this knowledge doesn’t make the pain go away.

To find relief, try some of these tips: (more…)

What Your Braces’ Rubber Band Colors Say About You


Your appearance, from the clothes you choose to wear to everything else about your personal style, can be considered an expression of who you are on the inside. Rubber bands for braces come in a rainbow of colors, so your orthodontic treatment gives you another avenue to express your individuality. (more…)

The 6 Stages of Invisalign


Invisalign might seem as if it’s been an option in the orthodontic toolbox for a long time, but the company that started it isn’t even twenty years old, and even then, it took a little while for the idea of using Invisalign’s clear plastic trays to catch on. The treatments really didn’t start gathering mainstream acceptance until around 2004. According to the Invisalign website, Invisalign now accounts for 6% of teen orthodontics and an impressive 31% of adult orthodontics. (more…)

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